kubefox-logo KubeFox

KubeFox comprises an open-source runtime coupled with a toolset which will provide for:

  • Zero Trust
  • Scale-to-zero facilities
  • Versioned deployments
  • Configuration management
  • Compliance administration, verification, and validation
  • Built-in SBOM, code provenance, and tampering controls
  • Robust and integrated metrics, tracing, logging, auditing, and monitoring

A natural reaction to this list is that there is just too much here (admittedly, it does seem rather expansive). And indeed, if tackled discretely and in conventional ways, the resulting scope would be far too broad. However, if the system is constructed from the ground up to support these requirements and architected to insulate application developers from the inherent complexities, we firmly believe that the vision is achievable.

It's early days yet. More to come as we move forward.